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Johnson County Schools aligns its curriculum with The Georgia Department of Education.  In addition to the state frameworks, local modifications are used as we provide evidence-based instructional practices and strategies for differentiated, innovative, and effective teaching and learning based on the State-adopted standards.   Clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work outcomes (samples of strong work expectations) are the key components of the curriculum. The goal of the instruction is for students to know and understand “How do I know when my work is good enough?” Standards-based classrooms (including lessons with a focused opening, work session, and closing, rubrics, commentary with feedback, and student conferencing) are the cornerstone of our curriculum to be sure students understand what they need to learn and what it takes to get there.

Johnson County Schools is aligned with the new implementation of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). The faculty members collaborate with other educators teachers across the state and local stakeholders to maintain that the standards are relevant. 

Georgia standards are reviewed for revision on a regular cycle to stay current with an ever-changing, fast-paced, and technological global society.  Georgia standards for all content areas, along with sample instructional resources, are available on GeorgiaStandards.Org.

For more information, visit the following links:
Johnson County Schoool District Comprehensive Needs Assesment and Plan FY22, pdf
SIP - School Improvement Plan:
CTAE Pathways: JCHS Pathways 21-22 - CTAE Advanced Academics, Fine Arts, pdf    

Johnson County School Curriculum Team, JOCO District Change Team (DCT)

Superintendent – Eddie Morris

Associate Superintendent of Federal Programs – Tecia McKay

Additionally coordinates Curriculum and Professional Learning

Director of Special Education, Testing and C.T.A.E. - Dr. Hanna Kiser

Additionally coordinates 504, Title VI-B, Work Based Learning, and Gifted Education 

Director of Technology, Facilities, Transportation, and Student Information – Charlie Lindsey

Additionally coordinates SIS

PBIS Coordinator / RTI (transitioning to MTSS) & SST Coordinator - Holly Deal

Elementary Principal – Charles Howard, Primary Elementary Curriculum Contact  

Elementary Assistant Principal – Beth Martin

Middle / High Principal – Christopher Watkins

Middle / High Assistant Principal – Reid Bethea

Middle / High Assistant Principal – Dexter Mack

Instructional Coach (K-2) – Kelli Rowland

Instructional Coach (3-5) – Heather Hightower

Instructional Coach (Middle School) – Johnnie Salter

Instructional Coach (High School) – Amy Jackson

Consultant - Dr. Hayward Cordy, Oconee R.E.S.A. Director


150 S. Lee Street - P.O. Box 110 - Wrightsville, GA 31096 -- Phone: (478)864-3302 - Fax (478) 864-4053