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Notice of Rights of Students and Parents Under Section 504
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Local Wellness Policy
  We invite you to participate in the development and implementation of the Local Wellness Policy. Public input concerning the BOE Wellness Policy is welcome and can be sent tojchs@johnson.k12.ga.us
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High School Milestone EOC Studen/Parent Study/Resource Guides
Grades 3-8 Milestone EOG Student/Parent Study/Resource Guides
Parent Involvement Library
PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)
Parent Involvement Policy (below choose Elementary, Middle, and/or High Schools)
Johnson County Elementary School
Parent Involvement Policy 2015-16
Johnson County Middle School
Parent Involvement Policy 2015-16
Johnson County High School
Parent Involvement Policy 2015-16
District Parent Involvement Policy - FY2017, pdf
Parent Involvement Survey (below choose English or Español version)
Title 1 Parent Survery 2016 »Crìe Inspección de Satisfacción 2016 »Title 1 Parent Survey 2016 - HINDI
Johnson County Title 1 Parent Satisfaction Survey RESULTS (JCES, JCMS & JCHS) – 2015, For FY 16 Planning, pdf
Parent Involvement Survey  
Designation Letter for Johnson County High School (Priority Status / FLP letter), pdf  
School Designation Parent Notice (Intradistrict Transfer/School Choice), pdf NO HAY ESCUELA DENOMINACIÓN NOTIFICACIÓN A LOS PADRES, pdf
School Wide Plan (SWP)
JCES School Wide Plan FY2017, pdf JCMS School Wide Plan FY2017, pdf JCHS School Wide Plan FY2017, pdf SWP Parent Feedback, pdf
Intradistrict Transfer Rights - Johnson County Schools is not required to offer Intradistrict Tranfer Option based on the state law. The Intradistrict Law is acknowledged, but based on ESEA School Status (no schools were identified as Priority, Focus, nor Title I Alert) and there is no choice of school in Johnson County, it is not offered.