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...Johnson County students are introduced to technology that
enhances the learning process starting in elementary school.

The Johnson County Public School system is actively integrating technology in every classroom and office.  Throughout each classroom, computer lab, and administrative office, our students and staff are surrounded by a fast and innovative LAN and communications infrastructure which enables the school system to provide reliable services to all students and staff.

The Johnson County network operates a wired LAN at 100Mbps with a gigabit backbone across all wiring infrastructure.  In addition, Johnson County has migrated wireless connectivity throughout all buildings. The encrypted network allows teachers and staff to access all needed materials from any and all locations while prohibiting unauthorized access. The state of Georgia has supplied Johnson County with three bonded T1 lines for Internet access. All buildings have Internet access across our switched network. 

Johnson County students are introduced to technology that enhances the learning process starting in elementary school. Our students are exposed to Macintosh and Windows based machines to insure a well rounded technology experience. All computers have installed instructional software to enhance the learning environment and integration of technology into every classroom. With 400+ computers on the network and some classrooms having 5 student computers, Johnson County has made and will continue to make great strides to ensure that our students are technology literate.  Our teachers are trained and provided with sufficient technology resources daily.

Johnson County Schools has a full-featured Student Information and Financial Accounting System.  These programs and tools are housed at the district office and the Student Information System is available to all via the switched network.   Our teachers have access to an electronic gradebook (i-Grade). Administrators are able to view the progress of the classes. These options, as well as a parent module, allow our staff to minimize paperwork. Our parents can sign-up for i-Parent which will allow parents to view their child’s progress within his/her classes. We have seen great benefits after implementing this module.

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Charlie Lindsey
Charlie Lindsey
Director of Technology and Media
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