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Youth Apprenticeship

Work Based Learning

Through Work Based Learning, students are able to:

  • Increase career options and future employability.
  • Strengthen academic skills.
  • Experience the connection between education and real-life work skills.
  • Accrue volunteer hours through an un-paid internship while learning from skilled professionals OR Earn wages through a paid apprenticeship position while learning from skilled professionals.
  • Learn and apply work ethics.
  • Learn and apply employability skills such as resume writing, interview skills, business etiquette.

Through Work Based Learning employers are able to:

  • Increase skill levels of potential workers
  • Work with educators to develop curriculum based on industry standards.
  • Recruit and screen potential employees.
  • Reduce turnover of entry-level employees through the hiring of WBL students.
  • Improve competitiveness in the marketplace.

To Our Partners

Our business and organization partners are a vital part of the Work Based Learning Program and are a very special group of people. We are proud to present to you the business partners who employ JCHS apprenticeship students this school year.
Work Based Learning
Business & Organization Partners

Classy Cuts Wrightsville 478.864.0823
DM Equipment/SLT Wrightsville 478.864.8107
Dairy Queen Wrightsville 478.864.3336
Donnie Sweat
Certified Public Accountant
Wrightsville 478.864.3109
Harvey’s Sandersville 478.552.6117
Johnson County Clerk of Courts Wrightsville 478.864.3484
Johnson County Elementary School Wrightsville 478.864.3446
Johnson County Family Connection Wrightsville 478.864.4063
Johnson County High School Wrightsville 478.864.2222
Piggly Wiggly Wrightsville 478.864.3365
Pope’s Garage Wrightsville 478.864.3177
Precious Moments Daycare Wrightsville 478.864.8749
Sumner’s Pharmacy Wrightsville 478.864.2217
Tonya’s Kuntry Salon Wrightsville 478.864.0439
Washington County Internal Medicine Wrightsville 478.864.0032
Wrightsville Manor Wrightsville 478.864.2286


If your business would like to
become a
Work Based Learning
for the coming
school year, contact
Hanna Kiser,
Special Education &
WBL Coordinator

Phone:   478.864.3302

Thank You!

Work Based Learning offers students school-based and work-based learning opportunities that are related to the students’ career interest areas. Using these components, students begin to prepare for a career while still in high school. Juniors and seniors who meet entrance requirements are encouraged to apply for WBL.

WBL is a one or two year program.  Students are placed in paid or unpaid intern or apprenticeship positions depending on the situations. A prerequisite to WBL entrance is successful completion of a related Career Technical/Agricultural Education (CTAE) course or be currently enrolled in a CTAE course that relates to the work position.

Work Based Learning was initiated in Georgia to insure a well-educated and highly skilled workforce. It is designed to bring together the components necessary for a successful career: Education and Experience.

Focus on the Future...

Work Based Learning enables employers to play an active role in shaping the quality of their future workforce.

The WBL Teacher Apprenticeship Program has grown into a very successful and effective work-based learning experience.  Students with teaching as a career focus work as unpaid interns in the classrooms at Johnson County Elementary School.  Interning under the direction of master teachers, the students have the opportunity to experience many aspects of the teaching field and develop skills necessary for teaching.

Amanda Winfrey
Work Based Learning Coordinator
Johnson County High School
150 Trojan Way, Wrightsville, Georgia 31096
Phone: 478-864-2222 ext 3207
Fax 478-864-4054

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