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Homeless Assistance Act
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Johnson County State of the District

Local Wellness Policy
We invite you to participate in the development and implementation of the Local Wellness Policy. Public input concerning the BOE Wellness Policy is welcome and can be sent to

Get in the Game

Milestone: High School Milestone EOC Student/ Parent Study/Resource Guides
Milestone: Grades 3-8 Milestone EOG Student/ Parent Study/Resource Guides
Parent Engagement Library for Parents, Students & Staff, more>>

    GPB and GaDOE just launched “Getting Ready” guides for grades K-3 as part of our Georgia Home Classroom initiative. The skills were identified by GaDOE Curriculum & Instruction staff.
See them here:
PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) 
Family and Parent Engagement Policy
• Elementary School Family & Parent Engagement Policy
• Middle School Family & Parent Engagement Policy
• High School Family & Parent Engagement Policy
FY23 JOCO District Family Engagement Policy

Family and Parent Engagement Surveys
»Title 1 Parent Survey    »Crìe Inspección de Satisfacción
Johnson Co Title 1 - Parent Satisfaction and Needs Assessment Results

Title I School-Parent-Student Compact Brochures

For schools receiving Title I funding, it is required that parents and educators share the responsibilities for promoting high student performance. The compact below details the shared responsibilities for supporting students’ attainment of high academic achievement.

JCES Title I Parent Compact
JCMS Title I Parent Compact
JCHS Title I Parent Compact

Family and Parent Engagement Notices
School Designation Parent Notice (English)
Designación de la escuela Aviso para los Padres (Spanish)
Comprehensive Needs Assessment
JCES Comprehensive Needs Assessment  
JCMS Comprehensive Needs Assessment  
JCHS Comprehensive Needs Assessment

School Wide Plan (SWP/SIP)
JCES School Wide Plan / School Improvement Plan
JCMS School Wide Plan / School Improvement Plan
JCHS School Wide Plan / School Improvement Plan

SWP Parent Feedback

Parent Engagement 1


Parent Engagement 2


Intradistrict Transfer Rights - Johnson County Schools is not required to offer Intradistrict Tranfer Option based on the state law.  The Intradistrict Law is acknowledged, but based on ESEA School Status (no schools were identified as Priority, Focus, nor Title I Alert) and there is no choice of school in Johnson County, it is not offered.